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ISD SMS - International SMS

1.Mobidrive ISD-SMS are a great way to stay in touch with your overseas friends and family. You are able to send them to and receive them from most countries.

2.International TXT work the same as normal TXT except that you'll need to make sure the mobile number they're sent to is entered in international format.

3.Bulk sms aims to provide a standard platform to allow clients in International to quickly deploy any SMS service. This includes SMS alerts, SMS competitions, SMS voting, SMS information services, SMS dating services, SMS marketing campaigns or SMS for CRM.

4. Mobidrive ISD sms lets you send SMS text messages to a range of networks in each country. You can choose to send directly from your PC, your BulkSMS web account, your phone, or even connect your systems application to our messaging server.

5.Connecting to multiple SMSC solutions and over 100 available international SMS routes, customers gain coverage and competitive pricing in more than 190 countries through more than 1400+ network operators. With Single Login and API you could send SMS to 1400+ Operators across the Globe. Our international messaging application is designed for reliable bulk SMS and single message sending, allowing your business to communicate via SMS wherever you are in the world. Send notifications, advertise and alert with our fully featured Bulk SMS. Deliver messages from your computer or API quickly and easily.

Gateway:  isd.mobidrive.in