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With the development of mobile communication system, Messaging service has come to play an important role. Messaging Service are now being used worldwide on different mobile platforms and PC to provide and convey information at relative inexpensive tariffs. Keeping in view of the significance of messaging system, MobiDrive has established tie up with key service operators to provide niche service in this sector.

Since its inception in 2008, MobiDrive has diversified and added to its repertoire a wide range of messaging service for various industries. MobiDrve is a part of AABiotech Pvt ltd and is a registered teleservice (Registration No: R22114310) provider A.A.Biotech Pvt ltd, was incorporated in the year 2004 and to this date deals with various biotechnology product from reputed multinational.


Bulk SMS

With the advances in SMS technology and applications, it has become easy to send bulk sms around the world.

Bulk Email

Bulk email is considered to be a specific edge with Nimbus IT Solutions empower its revered clientele.

Voice Call

Bulk voice call is a simple communication technology that allows you to take a recorded voice message to hundreds or even thousands of call recipients in a short span of time.


We can guide you in designing your bulk digital marketing campaigns so as to generate maximum ROI.

Missed Call

Mobidrive provides you one stop solution of all next generation communication via social media.

Virtual Number

A virtual phone number makes it possible for someone within a specified area code call an IP telephony user in another area code as if it were a local call.